"Rifa is a positive force for powerful change"

Steve Stark, founder Then SomeHow

  • Happy hearts

    I'm a warm down-to-earth meditation teacher and mentor, from a tech background. You get to meditate with me 'as live'. I'm an award winning advocate for women, LGBTQ+ and people of colour. I've got your back.

  • Life-changing learning

    I've meditated since I was 15 and learnt with Tibetan Buddhist monks and Indian gurus. I've travelled all over the world teaching live meditation events to hundreds of people. I understand the struggles of starting meditation.

  • Power-up your practice

    I've taught transformational meditation and empowering coaching to schools, universities, corporates, start-ups, with creative people, arts organisations and tech companies for more than 10 years.

What's included

A 5 day video course - work at your own pace

This course takes you to brilliant breathing in 1 minute, to 5 minutes of miraculous meditation. By day 3 you'll be amazed that you can meditate in the spectacular stillness for 10 minutes. By the end of the course, your spirit will thank you for meditating for 20 minutes effortlessly.
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Why Learn From Rifa?

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What's included in the course?

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  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome!

    • Why learn from me?

    • What will you learn and why meditate?

    • Set an intent

  • 2

    Day One

    • Day one: What is meditation?

    • Breathing practice

  • 3

    Day Two

    • Day Two: Types of meditation and what is good for?

    • Day Two: 5 minute meditation

  • 4

    Day Three

    • Day Three: What do you need

    • Day Three: What if you need to stop?

    • Day Three: Am I doing it right?

    • Day Three - What might happen when you meditate

    • Day Three: 10 minute meditation

  • 5

    Day Four

    • Day Four: Reasons NOT to meditate

    • Day Four: 15 minute meditation

  • 6

    Day Five

    • Day 5: Final thoughts

    • Day Five: 20 minute meditation

  • 7

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

This course is for you

  • you feel stressed or overwhelmed

  • you've tried before but gave up

  • you don't know how to start

  • you want to try with an experienced teacher

  • buying this course won't put you in financial harm

Kind words from happy clients

Emily Scoggins, Head of Marketing, Festival Republic

"Rifa is such a calm, steady hand to help you through whatever challenge you might be facing. She does this in a practical, valuable way. The way Rifa works isn’t ‘airy-fairy’ or lightweight. It’s about gaining results that will seriously benefit you. I can’t recommend her and her approach highly enough."

Dorota Biniecka, Innovation Consultant

"The sessions helped me to develop a structured approach to identifying the path to where I wish to be, in a way giving me permission to aim high and to not undersell myself. Rifa made sure the outlook was more holistic – my focus was so strongly on career that perhaps I would overlook personal life and passions to a degree as not the immediate focus, yet key to overall wellbeing."

Professor Sarah Atkinson, Kings College London

"Rifa took us all through a number of amazing meditations and exercises that enabled us to positively reflect. It was such a wonderful experience – calm, relaxing, and positive. Rifa is brilliant, a highly experienced, effective and inspirational facilitator."

Bushra Burge, Creative Director, BB Studio

"Rifa is authentic and exceptionally effective in her quest in bringing the best out of others particularly women and people of colour pushing ahead in business. She is very warm, open and approachable. In a very short space of time, she has supported me effectively and given me practical advice to refine my own strategies which has already led to tangible outcomes."

Bea Maggipinto, Art Director

"I’ve attended a few Refigure events, where she does meditation sessions that are very focused on individuals and their goals. These are not only great techniques to rebalance your personal and work life, but I found this really helped me being more focused in my life goals and with my general balance and happiness."

Yassine Senghor, founder of Confronting Change

"The 3-hour blast session with Rifa was truly transformative. I not only feel confident in how to proceed in working towards my goals, I am doing so in an authentic and honest manner. Magic was promised at the start of the session and this began to manifest almost immediately"

Kerrie Webb, Head of Digital, Legal & General

Whether it's talking to 1000 people or one on one Rifa is calm, thought provoking and all around amazing. I have recommended her sessions to others. I always walk away from time spent with Rifa feeling like I can take on anything!"

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